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Sonic Time Twisted is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game modeled after Sonic CD and Sonic 3& Knuckles. Using the best elements of both my team and I are trying to create a worthy sequel.


  • 28 Acts to explore
  • 8 Original Zones
  • 10 Bosses to fight
  • 6 elemental shields including 3 all new ones
  • 360 physics extremely close to the Genesis/MegaDrive Sonic Games
  • 3 Playable Characters Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
  • 14 3D Special Stages
  • Time Travel between the Future and Past


  • Attraction Attack Zone an amusement park partially under the control of Dr. Robotnik in the future, but still under construction in the past.
  • Raging Ruins Zone ancient ruins from a civilizations of the past. See the ruins in all their glory in the past, while in the future the ruins are a backdrop for a great cityscape.
  • Frigid Fortress Zone an icey castle in the past and toxic frozen wasteland in the future. Warp around the future on Sonic and Knuckles bonus stage orbs, or explore the castle in the past.
  • Viridian Valley Zone a lush green style zone, with a marina in the future and prehistoric jungle in the past.
  • Drifting Dynamo
  • Tidal Tubes Zone a water-themed level with lots of pipes for Sonic to travel around in. Race past futuristic buildings in the future, or pillage the pirate ships in the past. Inspired by the the canceled stage Perplex Puzzle and Sonic Zero's Tidal Tubes.
  • Submerged Saucer
  • Planetary Panic

Install instructions

The game does not require an install. Simply download the archive and extract it to any folder.


SonicTimeTwisted104.zip 83 MB


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es el mejor fangame de sonic que e jugado,muy buen trabajo 

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A question HOW do I become a SUPER SONIC?   

and if I put: Jump + A + B AND IT IS NOT TRANSFORMED

is there going to be a fix for the black screen when loading the game?

Good afternoon, I write this comment because apparently I found two easter eggs in the game.

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

why wont it start

Having a problem with my game, when i start it i cant do anything except close it. is this supposed to happen?


Good game bro.

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Will there be  a mac version?


honestly tho, this game is amazing. controls can be customized, animation looks just like the genesis games, very well made level design and graphics, the sonic and tails chaotix style sprites look really good

and seriously i want those goddamn sprites

this game was awesome. props for making a game from all original content. it had great graphics and music. im already humming some of the songs to myself. your dedication to completing the project over so many years is also commendable. good luck with future development on your other projects.

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Can this game run on windows xp? I really wanna play it :(


its good just that can u change the controls? I kind of get confusion with the them

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Once I know how to screen record on Computer I will do a video on it OK


did you figure out how to screen record yet

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Yes I do, but I now do official games of Baldi's Basics or Offacal sonic games.

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Ps. Sorry for wrong spelling.

very good

Love it already

cuz time traveling

This game is awesome it really me of sonic cd!


Looks legit

I get that there is a 3d bonus stage or 2, but I am not sure that makes it a 3d platformer


Love it 10/10 for a Sonic Fan Game!


it looks good tho

:( I wanted to play this but my computer wont let me

Beautiful dude. Almost beat the game. Downloaded it from gamejolt though but showing love on both pages.